Wayne Pharmaceuticals to Attend Much Awaited NBNA

Georgia’s very own rising biomedical company, Wayne Pharmaceuticals has decided to attend the 47th annual NBNA (National Black Nurses Association) conference. The event will take place in New Orleans between July 23 – 27. The company has successfully registered and procured a booth, which will primarily focus on introducing and educating people regarding Dr. Wayne’s Aspirin brand.

“We’re honored and excited to attend the NBNA conference to introduce Wayne Pharmaceuticals and Dr. Wayne’s Aspirin to leading healthcare professionals. We have always valued our nurses as they undertake most of the functional responsibilities of patient care,” said Dr. Wayne – President of Wayne Pharmaceuticals. The underlying goal of the NBNA conference is to provide product awareness, education, and networking opportunities. “Our vision is to strive for a more healthier future. And Wayne Pharmaceuticals is committed more than ever to make our community healthier and safer,” said Dr. Wayne, President of Wayne Pharmaceuticals.

People will be able to approach Wayne Pharmaceuticals exhibit in the center aisle of the main exhibit area. The grand display will be showcased in an 8 by 10 booth, where the dissemination of information will partake on a 6-foot table. The entire booth will be draped with an elaborate back-drop publicizing the company’s brand and product. The vibrant and colorful look of the booth will most certainly be compatible and visible enough to get spotted from the main entrance. As this event is known for bringing over 1000 African American nurses from across the country, people are advised to reach the exhibit hall an hour before it opens; to ensure they do not miss out on product information and gifts from the exhibitor.

Wayne Pharmaceuticals aims to bring Dr. Wayne’s Aspirin into the spotlight at the much-anticipated conference. The company wants to highlight the fact that the dosage of the aspirin can be prescribed for regular use. Moreover, Wayne Pharmaceuticals wants to spread awareness when it comes to its benefits such as; decreasing the risk of ischemic stroke, avert myocardial infarction, reducing the formation of clots, alleviating pain as well as reducing fever and inflammation. Currently, Dr. Wayne’s (81mg) Aspirin, containing 300 tablets, can be purchased locally at Adam’s Drug Store or via online at Amazon.com.

Wayne Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is an African American owned company in Georgia, engaged in biomedical research, production, and development. Since the beginning, the company has aimed for superior quality in the production of healthcare products for its customers. It is the promise of Wayne Pharmaceuticals to maintain premium quality products for its users to achieve quality and healthy living. The company integrates its specialty and generics capabilities in its global R&D division to come up with new ways of addressing patient needs.

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