Wayne Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a Georgia based biomedical research, production and development company that engages in the production of quality healthcare products for consumers. We are committed to supplying healthcare products that enhance the quality and length of life.

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Making Better Products for a Healthier Tomorrow

Wayne Pharmaceuticals corporate office is located in the rural Southwest Georgia town of Cordele. We acquired the former school and its 18+ acres campus in 2015. We have since start the conversion into what is now know as the MD Whitest Institute and Wayne Pharmaceutical Biomedical Research Center.


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Bridging the health disparity gap is our mission


Wayne Pharmaceutical was honored to be recognized as a Black Life Treasure at this years IndigoLife Women’s Forum. Our community outreach will only intensify, as we develop greater capacity at our facility. We’re well on the way to empowering economic development for our community.


We at Wayne Pharmaceuticals are strategic in our approach to product development. We look for products with the lowest cost to the consumer and has the greatest impact on health outcomes. That’s why we chose Dr. Wayne’s Aspirin, as our first commercially available product. Dr. Wayne’s Aspirin has many health benefits


Wayne Pharmaceuticals Announces the DR WAYNE Mobile App

Wayne Pharmaceuticals, a well-known and reliable producer and marketer of top-grade healthcare products for US consumers, has launched its DR WAYNE app on the Google Play and iTunes App Store. The app is designed for people who want to access the company website through a smartphone, allowing them to stay updated on the latest company news, products, and health tips, etc. Most web searches are now conducted on mobile devices, and this is one of the main motivations for developing this app.

DR WAYNE aims to empower people by improving communication and providing health tips and the latest news. Today, most consumers are very picky and are used to getting everything they need here, now, and, preferably, online! The modern advancements in the mobile industry have inured them to constant comfort. Hence, if a company wants to succeed in the pharmaceutical sector, it should provide them with the availability and ease they are expecting. And executives at Wayne know and understand that.

Wayne Pharmaceuticals collaborated with an award-winning video game and software developer, to create DR WAYNE. The app provides a content-rich, interactive, and useful digital experience. The new app’s amazing capabilities include push notifications.

Executives at Wayne Pharmaceuticals know that a mobile app can be a great marketing tool that allows them to contact their customers and other stakeholders directly. Receiving first-hand and reliable information about all their needs, they can respond in a timely manner and avoid a lot of pitfalls. Polite and unobtrusive reminders of this app, discounts, and promotional offers will help the company win and strengthen customer loyalty.

The use of mobile applications in the industry is steadily growing. According to a CompTIA research study of 350 physicians, 50% of physicians use their smartphones for work.

People can use the DR WAYNE mobile app to enroll in the health and wellness classes arranged by Wayne Pharmaceuticals and MD Whitest Institute as well.

“At Wayne Pharmaceuticals, our vision and mission are to reimagine and revolutionize how we can offer new and innovative platforms for patient support. We strongly believe that the app can have a very positive impact on people who visit our site through this app," said Dr. Mathew Whitest, Chief Executive of Wayne Pharmaceuticals." Digital technologies, as well as data science, have immense potential to unlock the new chapter of medical innovation and help people take control of their health and well-being in a meaningful way. "

About Wayne Pharmaceuticals Incorporated

Wayne Pharmaceuticals, Inc. is a Georgia-based biomedical production, research, and development organization. Wayne Pharmaceuticals produces safe, reliable, and superior healthcare products for all its consumers.

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